Making veins stronger so heart bypass grafts, dialysis access work better

AUGUSTA, Ga. (Aug. 11, 2022) – Unnatural, direct connections between arteries and veins, like an access point for kidney dialysis and using a vein to bypass a blockage in a coronary artery, are made to save a life. AUGUSTA, Ga. (Aug. 11, 2022) – Unnatural, direct connections between arteries and veins, like an access point … Read more

Where to study on campus

Study spots can be found in every corner and building on Ohio States large campus. Credit: Casey Cascaldo Lantern File Photo Ohio State is full of unique places for students to sit down and study. With such a large campus, it can be daunting to find that right place. However, The Lantern has provided a … Read more

Concerned groups of ornithologists, wildlife biologists and conservationists work to restore the once ubiquitous bobwhite | Latest Headlines

By Stephanie Porter-Nichols | Staff, Smyth County News Writer’s Note » In this region, speakers often use the terms “bobwhite” and “quail” synonymously to describe the same bird species. A Rich Valley hill now sings in the mornings with a whistle that’s been absent for decades. The trill of “poor … bob-WHITE” once again echoes … Read more

Using AI to train teams of robots to work together

When communication lines are open, individual agents such as robots or drones can work together to collaborate and complete a task. But what if they aren’t equipped with the right hardware or the signals are blocked, making communication impossible? University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign researchers started with this more difficult challenge. They developed a method to … Read more

Inspired by nature, artificial microtubules can work against a current to transport tiny cargoes

Like a microscopic bucket bridge, an artificial microtubule can rapidly transport tiny particles along magnetic stepping stones, delivering them to a precise location even when operating against a strong current. Credit: Adapted from Gu, H., Hanedan, E., Boehler, Q. et al. Artificial microtubules for rapid and collective transport of magnetic microcargoes. Nat Mach Intell (2022). … Read more

Woman with ties to Floyd searching for biological father | Community

By Abby Whitt | Editor Chrissy Sheads Cooper was 47 years old in 2015 when she learned she was adopted. Now seven years later, she’s fighting to obtain her uncensored birth paperwork from the court system. Cooper was raised in Culpeper County as the youngest of seven children and didn’t know she was adopted until … Read more

Protein parts must indeed wiggle and jiggle to work right, new research suggests – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Johns Hopkins Medicine scientists report they have probed the atomic structure of proteins to add to evidence that the wobbles, shakes and quivers of proteins play a critical role in their ability to function. The findings of the research may help scientists design new drugs that can modify or disrupt the intricate “dances” of proteins … Read more

UB ice scientists will travel to Greenland for field work

Packing for Arctic field work? Here’s some of the gear that Caleb Walcott, UB geology PhD student, plans to take to Greenland. Also shown are tools that geologists use to collect rock samples. Items include a warm coat, insulated overalls, a bright hat, sample bags, protective earmuffs, safety glasses, a rock saw, a field journal, … Read more

Fabled Copper Reports on Geological, Structural Survey on the Bronson Copper Property

VANCOUVER – Fabled Copper Corp. (‘Fabled Copper‘or the’ Company ‘) (CSE: FABL; FSE: XZ7) announces additional results of 2021 surface field work on its Muskwa Copper Project. Bronson Property Geology / Structure Three main stratigraphic units underlie the Bronson property including the Paleoproterozoic Aida and Gataga Formations and the Ordivician Kechika Group. Diabase units intrude … Read more

UB ice scientists resuming field work in Greenland after pandemic delays – UBNow: News and views for UB faculty and staff

UB researchers, including geologist Jason Briner, will travel to Greenland in late June and early July as part of a project called GreenDrill. Their goal is to gather information that could help them better understand the rise of global sea levels. GreenDrill is funded by the National Science Foundation to study the Greenland Ice Sheet … Read more