How tumors make immune cells ‘go bad’

Investigators from Cedars-Sinai Cancer have discovered that cancerous tumors called soft-tissue sarcomas produce a protein that switches immune cells from tumor-attacking to tumor-promoting. The study, published today in the peer-reviewed journal Cell Reports, could lead to improved treatments for soft-tissue sarcomas. The researchers focused on the tumor microenvironment — an ecosystem of blood vessels and … Read more

Wistar scientists identify novel therapeutic approach to re-activate immune response against tumors – BIOENGINEER.ORG

PHILADELPHIA – (June 21, 2022) – Due to the development of resistance to chemotherapy and recurrent tumors, patients with ovarian cancer often have low survival rates. Therefore, new therapeutic options such as targeted therapy that boosts antitumor immunity are needed to improve ovarian cancer treatment efficacy and patient survival. PHILADELPHIA – (June 21, 2022) – … Read more

Targeted radionuclide treatment achieves high response rate, minimal toxicities for advanced-stage neuroendocrine tumors – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada—Attended radionuclide alpha therapy, 225Ac-DOTATATE, has been shown to have long-term anti-tumor effects in patients with advanced-stage gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NETs). Results from the Phase II study showed promising survival rates, high response rates and an acceptable toxicity profile, making 225Ac-DOTATATE a potential treatment option for patients who have exhausted other forms … Read more

Novel radiopharmaceutical pair detects and treats melanoma; study shows potential for broad application in solid tumors – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – A newly developed small-molecular radiopharmaceutical pair has successfully visualized and treated melanoma in a preclinical study, according to new research presented at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 2022 Annual Meeting. Targeting a receptor that is aberrantly overproduced in many human solid tumors, this theranostic (therapy + diagnosis) … Read more

Proteomic study of 2,002 tumors identifies 11 pan-cancer molecular subtypes across 14 types of cancer – BIOENGINEER.ORG

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – A new study that analyzed protein levels in 2,002 primary tumors from 14 tissue-based cancer types identified 11 distinct molecular subtypes, providing systematic knowledge that greatly expands a searchable online database that has become a go-to platform for cancer data analysis by users worldwide . BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – A new study that … Read more

Every Single Patient in This Small Experimental Drug Trial Saw Their Cancer Disappear

In what appears to be a very promising breakthrough for the treatment of rectal cancer, a small drug trial conducted in the US found every patient treated in the experiment had their cancer successfully go into remission. The medication given, called dostarlimab and sold under the brand name Jemperli, is an immunotherapy drug used in … Read more

‘Masked’ Cancer Drug Kills Tumors While Sparing Healthy Tissue, Early Results Show

Many cancer treatments are notoriously savage on the body. Drugs often attack both healthy cells and tumor cells, causing a plethora of side effects. Immunotherapies that help the immune system recognize and attack cancer cells are no different. Though they have prolonged the lives of countless patients, they work in only a subset of patients. … Read more

UCLA study finds strategy to degrade a key cancer cell-surface protein to invigorate immune attack on tumors – BIOENGINEER.ORG

LOS ANGELES – One powerful way cancer cells defend against tumor-killing immune cells is to load up their cell surface with a protein known as PD-L1. Now a team of UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers led by Roger S. Lo, MD, PhD, has identified a method to degrade tumor cell-surface PD-L1, thereby making tumors … Read more

After 7 Years of Research, Scientists Have Discovered a New Treatment for Devastating Brain Tumors

Findings from a seven-year research project suggest that there could be a new approach to treating one of the most common and devastating forms of brain cancer in adults – Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). In a peer-reviewed study published in BMC Cancerscientists from the University of Surrey demonstrate that a short chain of[{” attribute=””>amino acids (the … Read more

The First-Ever Treatment for Non-Metastatic Brain Tumors

This new method of classifying tumors allows scientists to predict recurrence more accurately than the current method. Credit: Northwestern University Recurring brain tumor growth is halted with a new drug A patient’s options are limited when a non-metastatic brain tumor – a meningioma – recurs following surgery and radiation treatment. These aggressive tumors, which occur … Read more