New paper: Early Neoproterozoic stromatolites from south Liaoning Province, China

I’m pleased to announce the online publication of a new paper from a Chinese-American geological team (Zhang et al., 2022). I’m the sole American! My role was minor, being mostly useful for literature review and writing. The senior author is my friend Yong-Li Zhang from Northeastern University, Shenyang. He was my host on my adventurous … Read more

A fishy capture reveals a prized species moving south

Credit: Dr. Benjamin Mos A fishing expedition on the NSW Mid North Coast has hooked an unexpected catch for a Southern Cross University marine researcher. When brothers Benjamin and Daniel Mos went fishing over summer, the pair did not anticipate their catch to be anything other than a photo opportunity or dinner. Instead the fish … Read more

HKUST researchers discover ‘hotspots’ of three-layered alternatively rotating circulation in South China Sea – BIOENGINEER.ORG

A research team led by Prof. GAN Jianping, director of the Center for Ocean Research Hong Kong and Macau (CORE) at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), carried out field observations and conducted numerical simulations in the South China Sea (SCS) recently and revealed the never-before-seen characteristics of the three-dimensional ocean motion … Read more

Here For Science! South Campus Cements Place As Research Hub | Delhi News

New Delhi: Delhi University’s South Campus has grown since it was established in 1973 and now has 25 colleges and more than 30 departments. But importantly, it has evolved as a research hub with some centers that have carried out pathbreaking work in disease detection and plant genomics. South Campus also has the Central Instrumentation … Read more

To boost South Korea’s basic science, look to values, not just budgets

At the end of the Korean War in 1953, South Korea faced the twin challenges of reconstructing its devastated cities and modernizing its mostly agrarian economy. It bet on becoming a fast, nimble developer of already-profitable technologies. Industrial infrastructure – including construction of highways, and light-water nuclear reactors that produced cheap electricity – brought remarkably … Read more

South Pole aurora dances around total lunar eclipse in stunning astronomer photo

The May 2022 Super Flower Blood Moon lunar eclipse shines with the aurora above the South Pole Telescope in Antarctica on May 15, 2022 in this photo by astronomer Aman Chokshi. (Image credit: Aman Chokshi) This stunning time-lapse photograph shows the May 15 total lunar eclipse above an astronomical observatory at the South Pole on … Read more

Zymo Research Launches Operations in South America, Increasing its Footprint in the Global Marketplace

Zymo Research’s new office will provide personalized services in Portuguese, Spanish, and English to meet the needs of the region and other global operations. The multidisciplinary team of specialists will carry out training, workshops, lectures, and product validations to help customers select the right products for their molecular biology laboratories. The campus includes a modern … Read more

South Lake’s Naval Science Instructor trains tomorrow’s leaders

South Lake High School’s Naval Science Instructor Master Sergeant Brandon Messenger simply wanted to serve his country when he decided to join the United States Marine Corps in 1995. Today, he is inspiring the next generation of leaders at the school’s NJROTC program. Messenger spoke with The Daily Commercial about his time serving and here … Read more

South Laguna biological preserve recovery could take years

A charred fire line near the Pacific Horizon biological preserve was ringed by fire retardant on Wednesday. Photo by Daniel Langhorne Under a mid-day sun, turkey vultures and crows were the only signs of life on a trail running along the edge of the Pacific Horizon biological preserve on Wednesday. To the south, multimillion dollar … Read more