Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Biological Testing Market Set to Reach USD 4,538.22 million with a CAGR of 14.87% by 2028

Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Biological Testing Market Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Biological Testing Market Key Insights, Regional Analysis with Future Outlook PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, June 22, 2022 / – Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Biological Testing Market report contains key data about the market, emerging trends, product usage, motivating factors for customers and … Read more

Biological Clocks Set for Skin Immunity

Newswise – Kyoto, Japan – Researchers at Kyoto University have discovered the skin’s natural protection from nighttime bacterial invasion in mice, which may provide a basis for eventually developing a drug treatment. The team focused on Staphylococcus aureusa common skin-resident pathogen, which grows actively during the daytime in the skin of mice deficient in chemokine … Read more

Molecular Biology Enzymes Kits And Reagents Market is Set to Experience a Significant Growth Rate – Forecast Till 2026

Molecular Biology Enzymes Kits And Reagents Market Analysis The Global Molecular Biology Enzymes Kits And Reagents market report studies the market by product type, applications, end users and industries it is used in. The published report also takes into account the regional analysis over the top five regions with a forecast over a forecast period. … Read more

Miniature frogs set record as the first vertebrates to lose the ability to balance – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Amphibians are exceptionally goo at being small. There are salamanders the size of your thumb nail, pygmy newts that live in moss patches and feast on microscopic insects, and inch-long African frogs that spend their entire lives in and around the banks of small puddles. In fact, the title for the world’s smallest vertebrate is … Read more

Attom set to revolutionise geochemistry research

A R7.9 million mass spectrometer, funded by the national Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), has recently been installed in a Geological Sciences laboratory and will serve as a national facility for researchers in South Africa and Africa. More compact and significantly faster than its older, larger predecessors, the aptly named Attom can measure concentrations … Read more

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Set To Study Geology of 2 Super-Earths

The James Webb Space Telescope, an international program led by NASA with its partners, ESA (European Space Agency) and the Canadian Space Agency, aims to peer beyond our solar system to distant worlds orbiting other stars, as well as investigate the fascinating structures and origins of our universe and our role within it. And now, … Read more

Is your metabolism set from birth? Researchers are studying newborns to understand the science of weight.

RED STICK, La. – Tiny babies as young as two weeks old are shepherded into the Pennington Biomedical Research Center’s lab in strollers and car-seat carriers. Some cry, some can’t stop wiggling, and others simply sleep during their entire visit. Their job is easy: hang out while scientists take careful measurements of their body fat … Read more

Take Bookings, Set Up Subscriptions, and Automate Your Store With New Premium Plugins – News

Plugins are the building blocks and the rocket fuel for your website. They can help make your site faster and easier to manage but also bring essential elements to your fingertips. From email opt-ins and contact forms, to SEO, site speed optimization, calendars, and booking options – the list is nearly endless. If you … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope Set to Study Two Strange Super-Earths

The James Webb Space Telescope plans to explore strange, new rocky worlds in unprecedented detail. The telescope’s scientific consortium has an ambitious agenda to study geology on these small planets from “50 light-years away,” they said in a statement Thursday (May 26). The work will be a big stretch for the new observatory, which should … Read more

View from Mars Hill: Schmitt set to be grand marshal in 4th of July parade | Columnists

KEVIN SCHINDLER In July of 1964, a newly minted PhD geologist from Harvard University packed his belongings in his ’55 Chevy and left Boston for a new job. His destination was the mountain town of Flagstaff – 2,500 miles away – but the trip would ultimately lead to a more distant locality. One hundred times … Read more