There’s Growing Evidence Life on Earth Started With More Than Just RNA

How life originated on Earth continues to fascinate scientists, but it’s not easy peering back billions of years into the past. Now, evidence is growing for a relatively new hypothesis of how life began: with a very precise mix of RNA and DNA. RNA and DNA both determine the genetic make-up of all biological life, … Read more

A 4-Billion-Year-Old Piece of Earth’s Crust Has Been Identified Beneath Australia

Scientists can use various clues to figure out what’s under Earth’s surface without actually having to do any digging – including firing super-fine lasers thinner than a human hair at minerals found in beach sand. This technique has been used in a new study that points to a 4-billion-year-old piece of Earth’s crust about the … Read more

Radioactive Particles in Pacific Sediment Could Mark The Beginning of a New Epoch

The Anthropocene is the name some scientists are giving to the current geological epoch, marked by the point in time when human activity started having a significant impact on the geology and ecosystems of Earth – not least through climate change. Now scientists think they have precisely determined the beginning of the Anthropocene through particular … Read more

Breeding 2,000 Generations of Bacteria May Have Solved This Major Debate in Biology

Since the dawn of genetics in the early 20th century, biologists have debated whether evolution is driven more by chance mutations or by the original diversity in the gene pool. Having a lot of genetic options to choose from might make natural selection move a lot faster at the start, but do the genetic mutations … Read more

Huge 4-Day Work Week Experiment Begins in The UK: The Largest Ever Conducted

For thousands of lucky people, the work week is now only four days long – and they’re still getting paid 100 percent of their regular income to do their jobs, even though they’ve gained an entire day of personal time. Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not necessarily an impossible dream. This … Read more

Newly Approved Diabetes Drug Delivers Record-Breaking Weight Loss in Clinical Trial

A recently approved diabetes drug being clinically investigated for its effects on body weight in obese and overweight people has delivered “substantial and sustained reductions in body weight” in a phase 3 clinical trial, according to results now published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Tirzepatide, developed by American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and … Read more

Iconic Siberian Tundra Is on Track to Entirely Vanish Off The Face of The Planet

The Siberian tundra could disappear by the year 2500, unless greenhouse gas emissions are dramatically reduced. Even in the best-case scenarios, two-thirds of this landscape – defined by its short growing season and cover of grasses, moss, shrubs and lichens – could vanish, leaving behind two fragments separated by 1,553 miles (2,500 kilometers), scientists recently … Read more

Did an AI Really Invent Its Own ‘Secret Language’? Here’s What We Know

A new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) models can produce “creative” images on-demand based on a text prompt. The likes of Imagen, MidJourney, and DALL-E 2 are beginning to change the way creative content is made with implications for copyright and intellectual property. While the output of these models is often striking, it’s hard to … Read more

Every Single Patient in This Small Experimental Drug Trial Saw Their Cancer Disappear

In what appears to be a very promising breakthrough for the treatment of rectal cancer, a small drug trial conducted in the US found every patient treated in the experiment had their cancer successfully go into remission. The medication given, called dostarlimab and sold under the brand name Jemperli, is an immunotherapy drug used in … Read more

Tracking Down ‘Hidden DNA’ in The Blood Could Help Some Cancer Patients Avoid Chemo

Chemotherapy is an incredible tool for annihilating cancer cells, but our regular cells end up in the crossfire, which can result in life-altering side effects. Chemotherapy or chemo for short is not always required for successful treatment either, but how to tell if someone requires it can be both an art and a science. Now, … Read more