No ‘Safe Space’ for 12 key ocean species on North American West

For the generations who grew up watching Finding Nemo, it might not come as a surprise that the North American West Coast has its own version of the underwater ocean highway – the California Current marine ecosystem (CCME). The CCME extends from the southernmost tip of California up through Washington. Seasonal upward currents of cold, … Read more

OSTP Leaders’ Call with Marine Geologist Dawn Wright After Her History-Making Expedition to Deepest Known Part of Ocean

On Thursday, July 14, 2022, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) head Dr. Dr. Alondra Nelson and OSTP Deputy Director for Climate and Environment Jane Lubchenco spoke with Dr. Dawn Wright. Last week Dawn Wright became the first Black person to descend to the deepest known part of the ocean on a … Read more

Algae Agreement Offers an Ocean of Research Possibilities

A collection of 1,200 algae specimens with the potential to seed the sustainable production of human food, animal feed, nutritional supplements, biofuel, and more will be preserved under a licensing deal finalized in early June by the Technology Commercialization Services (TCS) of UConn’s Office of Vice President for Research. The three-party agreement facilitated by TCS … Read more

Nuclear War Would Rewire The Physical, Biological And Ecological States Of Ocean – Eurasia Review

Even the smallest nuclear war would devastate ocean systems, leading to sharp declines in fish stocks, expansion of ice sheets into coastal communities and changes in ocean currents that would take decades or longer to reverse, according to a Rutgers researcher and an international team of geoscientists , led by Cheryl S. Harrison at Louisiana … Read more

Radioactive Particles in Pacific Sediment Could Mark The Beginning of a New Epoch

The Anthropocene is the name some scientists are giving to the current geological epoch, marked by the point in time when human activity started having a significant impact on the geology and ecosystems of Earth – not least through climate change. Now scientists think they have precisely determined the beginning of the Anthropocene through particular … Read more

Experts predict top impacts on ocean biodiversity over next decade: – BIOENGINEER.ORG

An international team of experts including Dr Moriaki YASUHARA from the School of Biological Sciences, The Swire Institute of Marine Science, and Institute for Climate and Carbon Neutrality of The University of Hong Kong (HKU), has produced a list of 15 issues they believe are likely to have a significant impact on marine and coastal … Read more

GeoTalk: meet Céline Heuzé, award-winning Early Career Ocean Scientist!

Céline Heuzé Hi Céline. Thank you for joining us today. Congratulations on winning the 2022 Ocean Sciences Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award! Could you tell our readers a bit about yourself and your research? As of just a few months ago, I am tenured! My exact job title is “Senior Lecturer in climatology” at … Read more

As the ocean heats up hungrier predators take control – BIOENGINEER.ORG

A hotter ocean is a hungry ocean — at least as far as fish predators are concerned. In a new field study published online June 9 in Science, Smithsonian scientists discovered predator impacts in the Atlantic and Pacific peak at higher temperatures. The effects cascade down to transform other life in the ocean, potentially disrupting … Read more