North Carolina woman meets biological family in Newfoundland for the 1st time

Norma Gould, left, and her daughter Debra Braddy visiting Signal Hill during their first trip to Newfoundland. Gould discovered she has biological family in the province after completing DNA tests in 2016. (Submitted by Norma Gould) Traveling to Newfoundland this summer means Norma Gould can finally start answering one of life’s most daunting questions: “Who … Read more

No ‘Safe Space’ for 12 key ocean species on North American West

For the generations who grew up watching Finding Nemo, it might not come as a surprise that the North American West Coast has its own version of the underwater ocean highway – the California Current marine ecosystem (CCME). The CCME extends from the southernmost tip of California up through Washington. Seasonal upward currents of cold, … Read more

Dino digs draw people to North Dakota

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Finding a fossil opens the window to history and with each discovery, people are more intrigued. The Paleontology Database puts North Dakota at 11th among states with the most fossil finds. Since 2017, 67-million-year-old Edmontosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus fossils have been discovered at North Dakota Geological Survey Paleontology’s public dig site … Read more

North Korea accuses US of biological warfare in Ukraine | World News

North Korea accused the United States on Sunday of manufacturing biological weapons in Ukraine, echoing a Russian claim dismissed by the United Nations in March. Moscow ally Pyongyang in February said US policy was the “root cause of the Ukraine crisis”, and this month formally recognized two self-proclaimed pro-Russian separatist regions in eastern Ukraine, prompting … Read more

North Korea accuses US of manufacturing biological weapons in Ukraine

North Korea has accused the United States of manufacturing biological weapons in Ukraine, echoing a Russian claim that the US is using laboratories in Ukraine to develop biological weapons. “Today the US has set up many biological labs in tens of countries and regions, including Ukraine, in disregard of the international treaties,” the official Korean … Read more

What Makes a Canyon Grand? And How Deep is Deep? Exploring Kings Canyon, One of the Deepest Canyons in North America

Well, let’s jump right into it. The picture above is Spanish Peak in the Sierra Nevada, which looms above the canyon of the Kings River. The peak tops out at 10,051 feet (3,064 meters). The drainage on the left is Rough Creek, and it enters the Kings River at an elevation of about 1,800 feet. … Read more

What was the value of the Biological Plant Activators market in North America in 2022? – Travel Adventure Cinema

This major report presents a clear view of how global Biological Plant Activators market is performing today and how it will probably evolve in the years ahead. The key findings in the report on global Biological Plant Activators market are focused on the changing global Biological Plant Activators market dynamics, substantial new opportunities, critical forces … Read more

Biologist finds behemoth tree in North Vancouver nearly as wide as a Boeing 747 airplane cabin

A biologist has found what is possibly one of the widest-ever recorded trees in BC Ian Thomas measured a western red cedar in North Vancouver, BC, to be somewhere between 4.8 to 5.8 meters in diameter. If Thomas’s preliminary measurements are correct, the behemoth he found in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park would barely fit inside … Read more

Isomaltooligosaccharide (IMO) Market Outlook 2022 And Growth By Top KeyPlayers – Nikon Shikuhin KaKo, BioNeutra North America, Baolingbao Biology, Luzhou Bio-chem Technology

Isomaltooligosaccharide (IMO) Market study by “Verified Market Reports” provides details about the market dynamics affecting the Isomaltooligosaccharide (IMO) market, Market scope, Market segmentation and shadow overlays upon the leading market players highlighting the favorable competitive landscape and trends prevailing over the years. This Isomaltooligosaccharide (IMO) market report provides details of recent new developments, trade regulations, … Read more