A fishy capture reveals a prized species moving south

Credit: Dr. Benjamin Mos A fishing expedition on the NSW Mid North Coast has hooked an unexpected catch for a Southern Cross University marine researcher. When brothers Benjamin and Daniel Mos went fishing over summer, the pair did not anticipate their catch to be anything other than a photo opportunity or dinner. Instead the fish … Read more

One step closer to moving things with our thoughts – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Metamaterials have attracted extensive attention from many fields due to their extraordinary physical properties. It has provided researchers with a new concept of designing artificial materials, bringing vigor and vitality to advanced functional materials. As the two-dimensional counterpart to metamaterials, metasurfaces have unprecedented freedom in manipulating EM waves. Credit: by Ruichao Zhu, Jiafu Wang, Tianshuo … Read more

High-Speed Moving Fusion Plasma Turbulence Discovered for the First Time in the World

Inside Japan’s Large Helical Device (LHD) stellarator, built to test plasma fusion confinement. Credit: Justin Ruckman New insights into understanding turbulence in plasma fusion. In order to achieve fusion in a power plant, it is necessary to stably confine a[{” attribute=””>plasma of more than 100 million degrees Celsius in a magnetic field and maintain it … Read more

Hubble’s law: How we know galaxies are moving apart

Hubble’s law explains that the reason most galaxies are moving away from one another is because the whole universe is expanding. Pick any two galaxies at random, and the chances are they’re moving away from each other. According to Western Washington University, when Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding, he explained it by … Read more

These dry ice glaciers on Mars are moving at its south pole

Carbon dioxide glaciers on Mars are fast-flowing phenomena. A new study finds that dry ice flows closer to 100 times faster than water ice in the thin atmospheres on Mars, when on high slopes. Researchers verified this process looking at carbon dioxide glaciers in the south polar region of Mars, and say modeling suggests this … Read more

A Tiny New Heat Engine With No Moving Parts Just Hit an Incredible Energy Milestone

Scientists are hopeful that solid-state thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cells with no moving parts can achieve higher efficiencies at higher temperatures when it comes to converting heat into electricity – and lead the way to power grids based entirely on renewables. One such TPV cell has now hit a new world record of 40 percent efficiency, researchers … Read more

New Heat Engine With No Moving Parts Could Fully Decarbonize the Power Grid

A thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cell (size 1 cm x 1 cm) mounted on a heat sink designed to measure the TPV cell efficiency. To measure the efficiency, the cell is exposed to an emitter and simultaneous measurements of electric power and heat flow through the device are taken. Credit: Happy Frankel A New Heat Engine With … Read more

‘Everyone’ Is Moving ‘Science Into AWS’

As cloud opportunities in the red-hot life sciences market heat-up, Pinnacle Technology Partners is reaping the benefits as businesses are flocking to AWS for their science needs. “Everyone is trying to move their science into AWS,” said Ethan Simmons, managing partner of cloud consulting and AWS services superstar Pinnacle Technology Partners. “Life science organizations are … Read more