Nitrogen 101 – Biological nitrogen fixation for plant growth and health | Brand Ave. Studios

It moves through living and nonliving things, permeating the atmosphere, water, soil, plants, animals and microscopic beings. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Like water, it has a repeating cycle upon which life depends. What is it? Nitrogen, of course! OK, maybe that wasn’t obvious. After all, it’s not every day that most folks ponder … Read more

Study provides a better understanding of molecular mechanism behind long COVID-19 symptoms

A new study provides a better understanding of how the pandemic virus causes depression, anxiety, and the loss of concentration known as “brain fog” in patients that develop long COVID. In most individuals, the virus, SARS-CoV-2, is successfully cleared by the immune system, but some struggle with prolonged complications, the cause of which is unknown. … Read more

Reaction Biology Expands Executive Leadership Team

Reaction Biology, a provider of drug discovery services, has expanded its Executive Leadership team with the appointments of Alan Findlater to the position of chief commercial officer (CCO) and Emily Doyle to the position of chief people officer (CPO). Findlater and Doyle will also serve as members of the Executive Committee, effective immediately. These new … Read more

Scorpion Biological Services Unveils New Biomanufacturing Facility

Biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) Scorpion Biological Services has announced a development partnership with a private developer, the State of Kansas, and local and university affiliates, which will support the construction of a new biodefense-focused large molecule and biologics biomanufacturing facility in Manhattan, KS. The $ 650 million commercial-scale facility, which will service … Read more

New discovery about nature’s ‘high-end machinery’ could have big implications for biology

Working with tiny bacteria, Michigan State University researchers led by Lee Kroos have made a discovery that could have big implications for biology. The researchers revealed a new way that nature can inhibit or switch off important proteins known as intramembrane proteases -; pronounced “pro tea aces” -; which the team reported April 26th in … Read more

Over 5,000 Previously Unknown Viruses Have Been Discovered Lurking in The Oceans

An analysis of the genetic material in the ocean has identified thousands of previously unknown RNA viruses and doubled the number of phyla, or biological groups, of viruses thought to exist, according to a new study our team of researchers has published in the journal Science. RNA viruses are best known for the diseases they … Read more

TAs can help open doors for students in life sciences

Breena Gaskov in a lab Sometimes we have had a class where the subject material seems a bit tough to interpret. And sometimes a teaching assistant who has been in our place helps make the connections we could not initially see. University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa graduate students who have studied any life sciences field … Read more

Genomic Vision’s Technology is Acquired by Department of Cell Biology, Microbiology & Molecular Biology at the University of South Florida to Study Mechanisms of DNA Replication and Replication Stress

BAGNEUX, France, February 17, 2022– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Regulatory News: Genomic Vision (the “Company” – FR0011799907 – GV) (Paris: GV)a biotechnology company that develops tools and services dedicated to the analysis and control of changes in the genome, today announced that the University of South Florida is implementing the full Molecular Combing workflow using FiberComb, … Read more

Biologists reveal structure of newly discovered speargun-like molecular injection systems in bacteria

Biologists from ETH Zurich have discovered speargun- like molecular injection systems in two types of bacteria and have described their structure for the first time. The special nanomachines are used by microbes for the interaction between cells and could one day be useful as tools in biomedicine. Many bacteria have sophisticated molecular injection devices that … Read more

Science Made Simple: What Is Microbiology?

By United States Department of Energy January 30, 2022 Microbiology is the study of microorganisms that are usually too small to be visible to the human eye without a microscope. Microorganisms (also known as microbes) are essential for life on Earth; complex organisms (including humans) find it almost impossible to live without them. These tiny … Read more