Human cells take in less protein from a plant-based meat than from chicken – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Many people have now embraced the plant-based meat movement. Plants high in protein, such as soybeans, are common ingredients, but it’s been unclear how much of the nutrient makes it into human cells. In ACS ‘ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researchers report that proteins in a plant-based substitute model were not as accessible … Read more

Cranberries may protect gut health in meat eaters

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Scientists from Tufts University found that cranberries may reduce gut health problems for meat-eaters. The research is published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry and was conducted by Dr. Oliver Chen et al. Cranberries are called a superfood for a reason. Reportedly packed with fiber and more antioxidants than any other … Read more

Parasite Infecting Up to 50% of People ‘Really Likes The Retina’, Scientists Say

Toxoplasma gondii is probably the most successful parasite in the world today. This microscopic creature is capable of infecting any mammal or bird, and people across all continents are infected. Once infected, a person carries Toxoplasma for life. So far, we don’t have a drug that can eradicate the parasite from the body. And there … Read more

How much does eating meat affect nations’ greenhouse gas emissions?

The food we eat is responsible for an astounding one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities, according to two comprehensive studies published in 2021. “When people talk about food systems, they always think about the cow in the field,” says statistician Francesco Tubiello, lead author of one of the reports, appearing last … Read more

Beyond meat: insects and lab mushrooms to save the planet | Science & Tech

At some point this century, our food production system will collapse. Currently, its most critical link is meat, particularly beef, whose production, according to data from the FAO, has doubled in the last sixty years. 80% of agricultural land is used for cows, pigs or chickens, either in the form of pasture or to grow … Read more

“Microbial Protein” – Fungi-Based Meat Alternatives Can Help Save Earth’s Forests

Substituting 20% ​​of meat from cattle with microbial protein – a meat alternative produced in fermentation tanks – by 2050 could halve deforestation, a new analysis by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) now published in Nature finds. “The food system is at the root of a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, … Read more

Study finds children with vegetarian diet have similar growth and nutrition compared to children who eat meat – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Article Title Vegetarian diet, growth, and nutrition in early childhood: A longitudinal cohort study IOC Statement The funding agencies had no role in the design and conduct of the study. Dr. Maguire received an unrestricted research grant for a completed investigator-initiated study from Dairy Farmers of Canada (2011-2021) and D drops provided non-financial support (vitamin … Read more

Researchers Have Identified The Diet to Follow if You Want to Live as Long as Possible

Depending on the genes you were dealing with, your body could be destined for a long, healthy future that stretches on for decades to come. Of course, your fate isn’t etched in stone. The diet you eat – and the way you eat it – could determine just how many of those prescribed days will … Read more

Vegan Diets for Dogs May Be Linked With Better Health Over Raw or Conventional Meat Diets

Nutritionally sound vegan diets for dogs may be linked with better health, and could be less hazardous, than meat-based diets. Survey findings may support nutritionally complete vegan dog diets over raw or conventional meat diets. A survey study of the guardians of more than 2,500 dogs explored the relationship between dog diet and health outcomes. … Read more