The Biology of Bonsai Trees: The Science Behind the Traditional Japanese Art Form

The art of bonsai originated in China. As subsequently refined in Japan, its techniques produce miniature trees that give aesthetic pleasure to people all around Asia and the wider world beyond. This appreciation is reflected in the couple-on-the-street interview footage incorporated into “The Biology Behind Bonsai Trees,” the video above from Youtuber Jonny Lim, better … Read more

Lexaria Grants Exclusive License to Premier Wellness Science Co., Ltd. for Strategic and Long-Term Partnership in the Japanese Market

Get inside Wall Street with StreetInsider Premium. Claim your 1-week free trial here. Minimum payments due to Lexaria of US $ 4,527,500 over the first five years to retain exclusivity Lexaria to receive royalty revenue from DehydraTECH product sales KELOWNA, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2022 / Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX) (NASDAQ: LEXXW) … Read more

Betelgeuse’s ‘Great Dimming’ had an unlikely observer: a Japanese weather satellite

Astronomers have a new way to study stars: take advantage of meteorological satellites orbiting Earth. That’s the conclusion of a new paper that presents new data from a Japanese weather satellite that just so happened to observe the red supergiant star Betelgeuse during a period of inexplicable dimming. The serendipitous observations could mean a new … Read more

NASA To Welcome Japanese Astronaut Aboard the Lunar Gateway Outpost

Illustration showing a close-up of the Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO), one of the elements of Gateway. Credit: NASA President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida met in Tokyo on Monday, May 23, 2022, where they announced progress on collaboration for human and robotic lunar missions. They confirmed their commitment to include a … Read more

Cats Remember Each Other’s Names, Japanese Study Suggests

They may act aloof, and generally behave as if they live on a higher plane of existence than us mere humans. But cats are more present than we might sometimes think. In recent years, scientists have shown that cats actually bond deeply with humans. These complex creatures can and will communicate with us, and they … Read more

Turnitin and Japanese Science and Technology Agency announce content partnership

TOKYO, May 10, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Turnitin — a leading provider of academic integrity and assessment solutions — and Japanese Science and Technology Agency (JST)—A government agency responsible for implementing science and technology policy in Japan —— announced their content partnership. Japan Link Center (JaLC), J-STAGE, and Turnitin team up to uphold research … Read more

Japanese Government Scholarship 2023 [MEXT] For Biotech & Biology

Japanese Government Scholarship 2023 [MEXT] For Biotech & Biology The Government of Japan offers Government scholarships to Indian students for the academic year 2023 under its Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: MEXT) Scholarship Program for Research Studies. A copy of the Guidelines giving details of the scholarship and a set … Read more

Japanese population projected to live longer without dementia – BIOENGINEER.ORG

A new detailed microsimulation, using a database of 40 million people, has examined the future of Japan’s aging population up to 2043. It projects that more people will live longer, and that overall years spent living with dementia will decrease. However, the model highlighted the diversity of impacts on different segments of the population, as … Read more

Japanese scientists found potential food contamination routes of a newly identified foodborne pathogen – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Osaka, Japan— People must consume enough, safe, and nutritious food to remain alive and healthy. Consumption of unsafe foods, contaminated with harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, or chemical substances, is responsible for more than 200 diseases, ranging from diarrhea to cancer. Diarrheal diseases are the most common illnesses caused by contaminated food, affecting 550 million people … Read more

Older Japanese dog owners may face lower risk of disability than non-dog owners – BIOENGINEER.ORG

An analysis of data from more than 11,000 older Japanese adults suggests that seniors who own a dog may be at lower risk of disability than those who have never been dog owners. Yu Taniguchi of the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Tsukuba, Japan, and colleagues present these findings in the open-access journal PLOS … Read more