Around the world in 80 canvasses: Artist Liz Roth’s Mainsite show features vivid landscapes | News

We all see our part of the globe differently. Nashville’s skyline is not the same as the one we can gaze at from Ten Mile Flats. The Grand Canyon’s majesty may be rivaled by other views on the opposite side of the world. From Oregon to Florida, each state in the USA has landscape views … Read more

Geology and Seismic Software Market Is Booming Worldwide

According to Qurate Research’s research experts, “Global Geology and Seismic Software Market 2022 Insights, Size, Share, Growth, Opportunities, Emerging Trends, Forecast to 2028. ” The study is an anthology of in-depth research studies on many aspects of the global Geology and Seismic Software industry. It is an admirable effort to offer a true, transparent … Read more

Drilling starts for Cornell University geothermal project

The Cornell University Borehole Observatory located on a Cornell-owned gravel parking lot near Palm Road. (source: Cornell University) The initial borehole being drilled at Cornell University will be used to collect data and assess the viability of the large-scale geothermal heating project. Drilling has started for the Cornell University Borehole Observatory (CUBO) as part of … Read more

Natural Things: Notes from a Natural History Museum | News

Streams of running water have been important to people as far back as we can tell. The ancient Greeks named diverse Naiads who presided over the supernatural aspects of streams. Closer to home, the colonial Spanish recognized the importance of streams. Many of the Mexican land grants that were issued to colonists before 1836 referred … Read more

Answering, ‘How did Bethany Falls limestone get its name?’ 

Share this story Published June 13th, 2022 at 4:38 PM Above image credit: An old newspaper clipping showing geologist Richard Gentile who says, “Kansas City is literally built around this rock.” Another clipping describes the benefits of using limestone for structures such as homes. (Vicky Diaz-Camacho | Flatland) Avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast Darin Good, … Read more

Romania’s Enigmatic Trovants: Living Rocks That Grow and Move!

Roughly six million years ago, paleo-earthquakes created a type of geological phenomenon called trovants. They are also known as the stones of Costesti, after their most famous location in Romania, or the “living stones.” Romania’s rare trovants were formed under highly complex circumstances involving seismic shifts, sand sediment in rivers and rain, and lots of … Read more

Geology and Seismic Software Market Size And Forecast to 2028 |Golden Software, gINT, Petrel E&P, OpendTect, SeisEarth – Designer Women

The “Geology and Seismic Software Market ” research examines market estimates and predictions in nice detail. It additionally aids within the execution of those findings by demonstrating tangible benefits to business stakeholders and business leaders. each company should anticipate however their product are going to be utilized in the longer term. Given this level of … Read more

Earliest Record of Wildfires Provide Insights to Earth’s Past Vegetation and Oxygen Levels

Newswise – Boulder, Colo .: While wildfires over recent years have raged across much of the western United States and pose significant hazards to wildlife and local populations, wildfires have been a long-standing part of Earth’s systems without the influence of humans for hundreds of millions of years. “Wildfire has been an integral component in … Read more

New insights into continental geology

This study is led by Prof. Yong-Fei Zheng at the University of Science and Technology of China. It focuses on the development of tectonic processes along convergent plate margins through inspection of recent advances in the fields of geology, geochemistry, geophysics and geodynamics. These advances are fundamental to our understanding of various phenomena at active … Read more