Biologists trying to combat fungal disease being found in Blanding’s turtles; DuPage testing to be done this summer – Chicago Tribune

Biologists have been working for three decades on a recovery project for the endangered Blanding’s turtle throughout the state, including DuPage County, as numbers declined due to an increase in predators and habitat destruction. Now the species faces a new threat: a fungal disease that eats through the shell creating a Swiss cheese effect. Recently, … Read more

Connecting materials science with fungal biology: A personal insight

Images from:, / figures / 6, Today, I’d like to discuss the Article Collection “Connecting materials science with fungal biology” which included twelve papers published in Fungal Biology and Biotechnology between Spring 2021 and Spring 2022 ( . These papers describe different use cases for fungal mycelium in material science. The applications … Read more

Highlighting four posters from the 2022 Fungal Genetics Conference

The 2022 Fungal Genetics Conference was held earlier this year, and two PhD students from Vera Meyer’s lab, one of the co-Editors-in-Chief of Fungal Biology and Biotechnology, attended and selected their top 4 posters from the conference. We present a brief overview of these researchers and their research. Claudia Petrucco I am a third year … Read more

Antibiotics Can Lead to Life-Threatening Fungal Infection Because of Disruption to the Gut’s Immune System

Hospital patients that are prescribed antibiotics are more likely to get fungal infections because of disruption to the immune system in the gut. Immune-boosting drugs could reduce the health risks from complex infections. Patients prescribed antibiotics in the hospital are more likely to get fungal infections because of disruption to the immune system in the … Read more

Antibiotics can lead to life-threatening fungal infection because of disruption to the gut microbiome

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Fungal infections kill around the same number of people each year as tuberculosis. They mostly take hold of people who are vulnerable because they have a defective immune system caused by an underlying disease, such as cancer, or a viral infection, such as HIV or COVID. Our new study shows that … Read more

The fungal effector Rip 1 suppresses maize host defense responses – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Plant colonization by biotrophic pathogens requires sophisticated strategies for tissue invasion, defense suppression and metabolic manipulation to loot nutrients necessary for their growth and reproduction. The biotrophic fungus Ustilago maydis secretes a multifaceted effectome during maize plant colonization to achieve the abovementioned tasks. Effectors are microbial secreted manipulative molecules that act outside or inside the … Read more

Fungal pigments from the perspective of a scientist with passion for tattoos

Credit: Pfüderi on Pixabay In January this year, Fungal Biology and Biotechnology published a work presenting the results of an interdisciplinary artist-in-residence project, which took place in 2021. The artist Sunanda Sharma did her residency in the lab of Vera Meyer and one main result of this work was The Living Color Database. It is … Read more

We Finally Know How Deadly Fungal Meningitis Spreads in The Brain, And It’s Brutal

Disease-causing pathogens are notoriously dangerous foes that have evolved many tricks to thwart the body’s immune system. Among the most terrifying are those that can sneak into the nervous system, even infecting the brain. Now, a new study from researchers in the UK, Australia, and Singapore has captured a timelapse of destruction in lab-grown zebrafish, … Read more