UW’s Vietti Leads Student Expedition Into Three Kemmerer Fossil Fish Quarries | News

August 3, 2022 Lily Jackson, a postdoctoral researcher in UW’s Department of Geology and Geophysics, samples an ash unit on the wall of the Fossil Fish Adventures quarry, owned by Todd and Sarah Hoeg. Jackson, along with Laura Vietti, museum and collections manager for the UW Geological Museum, and Kevin Chamberlain, a research professor of … Read more

Newly identified fossil insect used 360-degree vision and sticky feet to

CORVALLIS, Ore. – With bulging eyes, an elongated mouth and feet that oozed resin, a fossil insect identified by Oregon State University research is so different from anything alive today that it needed to be placed in its own, extinct family. CORVALLIS, Ore. – With bulging eyes, an elongated mouth and feet that oozed resin, … Read more

What Is Fossil Water? Geology and Renewability

Fossil water refers to underground reservoirs formed during the last glacial ice age. Also known as petrowater or paleowater, fossil water borrows its name from paleontology. Like a traditional fossil, fossil water is trapped in rock—sometimes for millennia. These aged aquifers acquired their water from melting ice and prehistoric lakes that pooled into subterranean layers … Read more

Hundreds of Climate, Community Groups Tell Biden, Congress: No Fossil Fuel Expansion in Reconciliation Bill

WASHINGTON— More than 350 conservation and community groups, representing millions of people, called on President Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer today to reject fossil fuel expansion during negotiations over a reconciliation package. The groups also urged Biden to use the full suite of his executive authority to stop issuing federal fossil fuel leases … Read more

‘Fossil Fishing at the Farm’ – Jurassic marine world unearthed in a farmer’s field

Many of the specimens collected will be donated to the local Museum in the Park, Stroud, where they will form a significant part of the museum’s palaeontology collections. One of the team members, Alexia Clark, who is the museum’s Documentation and Collections Officer said: “We’re excited to expand our knowledge of the geology of the … Read more

560-million-year-old fossil is first animal predator

Geologists have found the fossil of the earliest known animal predator. The 560-million-year-old specimen is the first of its kind, but it is related to the group that includes corals, jellyfish and anemones living on the planet today. The palaeontologists who discovered it have named itAuroralumina attenboroughii‘ in honor of Sir David Attenborough. The first … Read more

Geologists found fossil of the earliest known animal predator

Geologists have discovered fossils of around 560-million-year-old specimens. The fossil is believed to be the earliest known animal predator. It has been named ‘Auroralumina attenboroughii’ in honor of Sir David Attenborough. The first part of its name is Latin for ‘dawn lantern,’ in recognition of its great age and resemblance to a burning torch. Geologists … Read more

Fossil of ‘earliest animal predator’ is named after David Attenborough | David Attenborough

A hundred years from now, Sir David Attenborough’s body may have turned to dust, but a fossilized sea creature, thought to represent Earth’s earliest animal predator, will continue to bear his name. Discovered in Charwood Forest, Leicestershire – where Attenborough hunted for fossils as a child – the creature predates what was previously thought to … Read more

Fossil named after Sir David Attenborough ‘is first animal predator’

T he fossil of the earliest known animal predator has been named after Sir David Attenborough. The 560-million-year-old specimen is the first of its kind, and is thought to be the earliest creature to have a skeleton, researchers say. Called Auroralumina attenboroughii, it was found in Charnwood Forest, near Leicester – a city with which … Read more

Oldest European salamander fossil, discovered in Scotland, informs amphibian origins

Credit: University College London Fossils discovered in Scotland represent some of the world’s oldest salamanders, according to a new study led by UCL researchers. The research team analyzed 166-million-year-old fossils of a type of animal called Marmorerpeton, found in Middle Jurassic rocks on the Isle of Skye. They found that it has several key salamander … Read more