Ancient source of oxygen for life hidden deep in the Earth’s crust — ScienceDaily

Scientists at Newcastle University have discovered a source of oxygen that may have influenced the evolution of life before the advent of photosynthesis. The pioneering research project, led by Newcastle University’s School of Natural and Environmental Sciences and published today in Nature Communications, uncovered a mechanism that can generate hydrogen peroxide from rocks during the … Read more

Canadian marine biologist photographs wonders of deep sea life

Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion Column Publishing date: Aug 10, 2022 • 20 minutes ago • 5 minute read Kathy Conlan was featured in the exhibit “Courage and Passion: Canadian Women in Natural Sciences” at the Canadian Museum of Nature in July 2018. Photo by Jean Levac /Postmedia Network Article content A day at the office … Read more

Deep Isolation licenses disposal technology to Amentum : Waste & Recycling

10 August 2022 Deep Isolation has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with technical and engineering services provider Amentum to cooperate on the commercialization of Deep Isolation’s radioactive waste disposal technology around the world. Deep Isolation’s concept for the disposal of nuclear fuel and high-level waste (Image: Deep Isolation) Berkeley, California-based Deep Isolation’s solution for the … Read more

Deep learning for new alloys

When is something more than just the sum of its parts? Alloys show such synergy. Steel, for instance, revolutionized industry by taking iron, adding a little carbon and making an alloy much stronger than either of its components. Credit: Chen et al. When is something more than just the sum of its parts? Alloys show … Read more

Discovery of ‘young’ deep groundwater tells surprising tale: USask researcher – News

Groundwater at depths of several hundred meters or more can be hundreds of millions of years old and are often thought of stagnant and isolated from the atmosphere and the water cycle — a reason these subsurface areas are targeted as potential sites for subsurface waste disposal, said Ferguson . “But things are more dynamic … Read more

What Makes a Canyon Grand? And How Deep is Deep? Exploring Kings Canyon, One of the Deepest Canyons in North America

Well, let’s jump right into it. The picture above is Spanish Peak in the Sierra Nevada, which looms above the canyon of the Kings River. The peak tops out at 10,051 feet (3,064 meters). The drainage on the left is Rough Creek, and it enters the Kings River at an elevation of about 1,800 feet. … Read more

Deep phenotyping brings accuracy to precision medicine

Biotech companies are leveraging the wealth of omics and imaging data to study deep phenotypes for a range of clinical applications including precision medicine approaches to liver disease, neurodegenerative disorders and infertility. With dozens of omics and imaging technologies in its arsenal, the biopharma industry is generating unprecedented amounts of data compared to just a … Read more

New model shows Earth’s deep mantle was drier from the start — ScienceDaily

Earth’s mantle is the thick layer of silicate rock between Earth’s crust and its molten core, making up about 84% of our planet’s volume. The mantle is predominantly solid but, on geologic time scales, it behaves as a viscous fluid – as difficult to stir and mix as a pot of caramel. But, sticking with … Read more

Geological activity can rapidly change deep microbial communities — ScienceDaily

In the deep subsurface that plunges into the Earth for miles, microscopic organisms inhabit vast bedrock pores and veins. Belowground microorganisms, or microbes, comprise up to half of all living material on the planet and support the existence of all life forms up the food chain. They are essential for realizing an environmentally sustainable future … Read more

See JWST’s first deep field image

A “deep field” image is one that peers into the blackness of space in between visible stars to capture distant, dimmer stars and galaxies. JWST’s predecessor, the Hubble Space Telescope, sent us its own iconic deep field images from low Earth orbit. The image we see today is from an instrument much farther from Earth, … Read more