At this point, a voluntary “2 to 4 million acre feet of additional conservation” Colorado River deal by Aug. 16 seems out of reach – jfleck at inkstain

Janet Wilson had a helpful story yesterday in the Desert Sun about California’s negotiations over its piece of the looming Colorado River cutbacks. Its bottom line is that California – the state with the largest Colorado River allocation – is talking about kicking in 500,000 acre feet of water. Or maybe it’s really just 400,000 … Read more

Haines borough employees ink new deal, landslides and mines discussed with manager | KHNS Radio

Community table in remembrance of the December 2020 landslide victims. (Amelia Nash photo) Haines borough employees get a new contract, rebuilding and remembrance continue for the victims of the December 2020 weather disaster, scientists continue to study what caused the landslide, and activists implore residents to speak out against the Constantine Mine Project. KHNS ’Mike … Read more

CWM landfill hearings deal with geology | Local News

The first day of testimony in the second round of hearings on CWM’s bid to open a second hazardous waste landfill in Niagara County focused primarily on the flow of groundwater on and near the proposed project site in the Town of Porter. During a day-long session on Wednesday, Attorney Gary Abraham, who is representing … Read more

How Can We Build Natural Networks to Deliver the Deal With Stakeholders? – The Nature of Cities

Quite often city-makers who want to implement nature-based solutions run into many hurdles standing in the way of realizing their green ideals. But how do you tear down those walls? Effective co-creation is a path forward. More than half of the world’s population lives and works in diverse, bustling cities. And perhaps, if you are … Read more

£3.2m deal extends MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology’s Blue Sky collaboration with AstraZeneca in Cambridge

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge has agreed to an additional $ 4millon – around £ 3.2m – funding to extend its Blue Sky research collaboration with AstraZeneca beyond 2022. Launched in 2014, the collaboration has prompted pre-clinical research projects that encourage an open-minded approach to fundamental biology and disease. MRC LMB director … Read more

How to deal with trauma and recover from frightening events

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. It’s natural to be afraid after something scary or dangerous happens. When you feel you’re in danger, your body responds with a rush of chemicals that make you more alert. This is called the “flight or fight” response. It helps us survive life-threatening events. But the brain’s response to frightening events … Read more

Earth AI signs $4.5 million deal with Legacy Minerals to expand its exploration software

If the team doesn’t find anything within the timeframe, and has less than $ 250,000 left in its exploration budget, Earth AI has the option to buy either project for $ US1 million in cash, plus a 2 percent royalty payment to Legacy Minerals should anything be developed. Sydney and San Francisco-based Earth AI, which … Read more

upGrad acquires top data science institute Insofe in $33 million share swap deal

Mumbai: Ed-tech platform upGrad has acquired the International School of Engineering (Insofe), one of the top data science institutes in India, in a $ 33 million share swap deal. This is upGrad’s seventh acquisition in the last couple of years. As part of the transaction, Insofe’s management and investors will take a little under 1% … Read more