Dad Dragged for Paying Stepson’s Tuition Instead of Biological Daughter’s

Thousands of internet commenters called out one father who gladly paid for his stepson’s college tuition, but not his biological daughter’s. In a viral Reddit post published on r/AmITheA**hole, Redditor u/tw9172667 (otherwise referred to as the original poster, or OP) described his relationship—or lack thereof—with his daughter and detailed the heated aftermath of his decision … Read more

Dad Paid For Stepson’s College Tuition But Refuses to Help Daughter – SheKnows

Reddit is calling out a dad hard for unequal treatment of his two children. He took to the “AITA” forum to pose his dilemma to the community, starting out by explaining he has a biological daughter named Darla with his ex-girlfriend. The couple broke up before she found out she was pregnant, and the Reddit … Read more

Internet Stunned as Mom Refuses to Reveal Son’s Biological Dad: ‘Spite’

The internet has been left shocked by a mother’s apparent refusal to tell her son that his dad wasn’t actually his biological father. In a viral post shared on UK-based discussion website Mumsnet, which can be seen here, user SistersRdoingit4themselves explained that her dad died in May and that his death exposed a family secret … Read more

Oregon dad, invasive species biologist spots first emerald ash borers on West Coast during summer camp pickup in Forest Grove

FOREST GROVE, Ore – On June 30, Dominic Maze, an invasive species biologist for the City of Portland, was waiting outside a summer camp in Forest Grove to pick up his children when he noticed several ash trees in decline. When he took a closer look he recognized the distinctive D-shaped holes made by adult … Read more

Dad Excluding Stepson from ‘Bonding’ Trips with His Biological Kids Blasted

A dad who allegedly excluded his stepson from a “bonding” trip with his biological children, explaining he “can’t dilute the experience,” has received a storm of criticism on Reddit. According to a post shared by the 16-year-old stepson (under the username Contkad851) on Reddit’s r / AmITheA ** hole (AITA) sub, his stepdad married his … Read more

32 years apart, 2nd DNA lab test confirms woman’s biological dad | News

Father’s Day for a central Illinois man was different this year after finding out he is the father of a daughter he thought wasn’t his. Sunday was the first Father’s Day that Mike Ashley will celebrate since he discovered he is actually the father of a woman whose mother he divorced in 1989, when the … Read more

Dad might not be my biological father but he’s the best I in the world

He’s kind, considered, warm and generous. (Picture: Kya Buller) I love Father’s Day. I love skimming past all of the tat the shops want us to buy – ‘No. 1 Dad ‘pint glasses, self stirring mugs, socks with golf balls printed onto them – and searching for something my dad won’t expect, but he’ll love. … Read more

Wynonna Judd Didn’t Know Ashley Judd’s Dad Wasn’t Her Biological Father Until She Was 30

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