Collecting a library of bee genomes – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Credit: Colleen Meidt, ARS-USDA. Kim Kaplan 301-504-1637 [email protected] Collecting a Library of Bee Genomes LOGAN, UTAH, June 22, 2022—The USDA Agricultural Research Service is leading a project dubbed “Beenome100” to produce high-quality maps of the genomes of at least 100 bee species, capturing the diversity of bees in the United States, representing each of the … Read more

Get to Know the Geologist Collecting Antarctic Meteorites | Smithsonian Voices

Smithsonian planetary geologist Cari Corrigan travels to the South Pole for meteorites with the US Antarctic Meteorite Program. The specimens she gathers are transported to the National Museum of Natural History, where scientists everywhere can request to study them. ANSMET The journey from space to Earth is not an easy one for most meteorites. But … Read more

WVU engineer awarded funding to improve biometric identification by collecting large-scale biometric datasets – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Jeremy Dawson, associate professor of the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, is the recipient of a four-year subcontract consisting of one base period and two option periods valued at $ 750,000 to collect biometric data that will be used to develop software algorithm- based systems capable of performing whole-body biometric identification at … Read more

Collecting Solar Power Up in Orbit and Beaming It Down to the Ground for Use

ESA is working on the concept of collecting solar power up in orbit, where sunlight is up to 11 times more intense than across European territory, then beaming it down to the ground for use. Credit: Frazer-Nash Consultancy Solar energy generation keeps on becoming cheaper and more efficient, but some basic limitations will always apply: … Read more

Student shares personal story in collecting donations for Ukraine

Christina Witters with some of the donations she received last Friday at the Williams Center. A second collection will be held Friday, March 11. “My heart’s there in Ukraine, but I can’t be there to help, so I want to do all that I can. I can’t imagine what my family and friends are going … Read more