Radioactive Particles in Pacific Sediment Could Mark The Beginning of a New Epoch

The Anthropocene is the name some scientists are giving to the current geological epoch, marked by the point in time when human activity started having a significant impact on the geology and ecosystems of Earth – not least through climate change. Now scientists think they have precisely determined the beginning of the Anthropocene through particular … Read more

New abortion laws say it’s clear when life starts. Biology can’t agree

A key point in debates about abortion restrictions is this question over when, legally-speaking, life begins. Some anti-abortion activists may suggest that after this point, abortion should no longer be legal. Many prominent anti-abortion voices have asserted life begins at conception, and argued it’s backed by science. But there isn’t that kind of consensus scientifically … Read more

Yes, Those Are Dolphins With an Anaconda. There’s a Perfectly Good Explanation

The natural world around us is endlessly inspiring, and fascinating, and often very odd too: like when researchers snapped a photo of Bolivian river dolphins swimming around with a Beni anaconda snake in their mouths, for example. These river dolphins are relatively rarely seen creatures, as it’s unusual for them to have their heads above … Read more

New approach may help clear hurdle to large-scale quantum computing – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Building a plane while flying it isn’t typically a goal for most, but for a team of Harvard-led physicists that general idea might be a key to finally building large-scale quantum computers. Building a plane while flying it isn’t typically a goal for most, but for a team of Harvard-led physicists that general idea might … Read more

Clear concept of topics key to scoring well in biology | Patna News

Students, who are aspiring to be doctors, should have a good command over biology. Biology is a content-based subject. According to expert Balram Kumar Singha biology teacher at DAV Public School, BSEB Colony, students should be familiar with, and memorize the important terms and jargons of this subject. Talking to TOI’s Faryal Rumi, Singh shared … Read more

Clear Evidence Links Astronomically-Driven Climate Change and Human Evolution

Figure 1. Preferred habitats of Homo sapiens (purple shading, left), Homo heidelbergensis (red shading, middle), Homo neanderthalensis (blue shading, right) calculated from a new paleoclimate model simulation conducted at the IBS Center for Climate Physics and a compilation of fossil and archeological data. Lighter values ​​indicate higher habitat suitability. The dates (1 ka = 1000 … Read more

Richmond council approves zone change to clear way for Aqua Science expansion | Richmond & Hopkinton

RICHMOND – Members of the Richmond Town Council have approved a zoning change for two properties along Nooseneck Hill Road, paving the way for a Wyoming-based company to expand as it looks to meet growing sales demands. The council last week approved a measure unanimously to change a parcel along Nooseneck Hill Road belonging to … Read more

Biden says “clear sign” Putin considering use of chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine

Lviv – Russia continued flattening Ukraine‘s besieged port city of Mariupol on Tuesday amid escalating warnings from Washington that a cornered President Vladimir Putin, frustrated by his military’s slow progress 26 days into the invasion of Ukraine, could resort to unleashing chemical or biological weapons on his neighbors. President Joe Biden said Monday that Putin’s … Read more

Is cancer biology research reproducible? The answer still isn’t clear

Replication is something of a litmus test for scientific truth, and cancer biologists at the Center for Open Science wanted to see just how many of cancer’s most influential experiments stood up to it. So, for nearly a decade, they worked their way, step-by-step, through 50 experiments from 23 studies toward an answer – but … Read more