Human cells take in less protein from a plant-based meat than from chicken – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Many people have now embraced the plant-based meat movement. Plants high in protein, such as soybeans, are common ingredients, but it’s been unclear how much of the nutrient makes it into human cells. In ACS ‘ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researchers report that proteins in a plant-based substitute model were not as accessible … Read more

Jun 18: Black Death origins, chicken domestication, the life of a mastodon and more…

On this week’s episode of Quirks & Quarks with Bob McDonald: The Black Death was history’s most lethal plague. Now we know where it started A team of historians, archeologists and geneticists, including Philip Slavin from Stirling University in Scotland, has identified what they believe to be ground zero in the medieval bubonic plague pandemic … Read more

How to wash chicken in the kitchen more safely, according to physics

Health experts recommend against washing chicken before cooking it because that can spread harmful bacteria. But if you’re among the nearly 70 percent of people who do, according to a survey of US grocery shoppers, there are ways to make it safer. Instead of admonishing people not to wash chicken, says mathematician Scott McCalla of … Read more

Big Bear With Chicken Feeder Stuck on Head Saved by New Jersey Biologists

A big bear with a chicken feeder stuck on its head has been saved by New Jersey biologists. The bear in Sussex County had been trapped with its head inside the plastic cone for months. Biologists believe it became stuck not long after leaving its mother’s side last year, the New Jersey Herald reported. New … Read more

This stuff in beef, chicken, dairy may increase risk of heart disease, death

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In a new study from Penn State University, researchers found eating too much food containing sulfur amino acids – primarily found in proteins such as beef, chicken and dairy – may increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease and death. Sulfur amino acids are essential for metabolism and overall health, but … Read more