Sniffing out your identity with breath biometrics – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Fukuoka, Japan — Biometric authentication like fingerprint and iris scans are a staple of any spy movie, and trying to circumvent those security measures is often a core plot point. But these days the technology is not limited to spies, as fingerprint verification and facial recognition are now common features on many of our phones. … Read more

This 5-minute breath training could improve your exercise tolerance

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Despite the myriad known benefits of exercise, many middle-aged and older adults struggle to meet physical activity recommendations. Scientists found that five minutes of daily breath training improves exercise tolerance in many people. They found potential for high-resistance inspiratory muscle strength training (IMST) to help this population transition to a healthier … Read more

Being a breath alcohol specialist

Is that driver drunk? A lot of work and effort goes into accurately answering that question at departments of transportation, and it requires a fair amount of biology and chemistry expertise. What is a breath alcohol specialist? I’ll be honest that I didn’t know there were any chemistry- or biology-related jobs at transportation departments until … Read more

UK government holds breath as it awaits ‘partygate’ report

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing for the conclusions of an investigation into allegations of breach of the lock, a document that could help end weeks of scandal and discontent, or end his term in office. a blow. Senior civil servant Sue Gray may submit her report to the government as soon as Wednesday. Johnson’s … Read more