In record, Florida biologists capture nearly 100-kg Burmese python with 122 eggs

In a spectacular research moment, biologists captured the biggest Burmese python ever recorded in the state of Florida, USA. The humongous snake caught by the Conservancy of Southwest Florida measures 18 feet in length and weighs a whopping 215 pounds (approximately 98 kg), starting some serious conversations about the conservation of natural habitats in the … Read more

Biologists in Florida capture record-breaking 215-pound, 18-foot-long python – KIRO 7 News Seattle

NAPLES, Fla. – A conservancy group caught a Burmese python that set a record for the largest-ever found in Florida’s Everglades. >> Read more trending news The Conservancy of Southwest Florida announced the catch in a news release, where they explained that the large snake was found in connection with its Burmese python research program. … Read more

Biologists capture largest python found in Florida at 18 feet

A team of Florida wildlife biologists captured the largest Burmese python ever discovered in the state, officials announced Thursday. The gargantuan female serpent, considered an invasive species in Florida, measured nearly 18 feet long and weighed 215 pounds, according to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. The snake was caught last December in the Everglades following … Read more

Biologists trying to combat fungal disease being found in Blanding’s turtles; DuPage testing to be done this summer – Chicago Tribune

Biologists have been working for three decades on a recovery project for the endangered Blanding’s turtle throughout the state, including DuPage County, as numbers declined due to an increase in predators and habitat destruction. Now the species faces a new threat: a fungal disease that eats through the shell creating a Swiss cheese effect. Recently, … Read more

The Silence of the Evolutionary Biologists

Photo credit: Ernie A. Stephens, via Pixabay. I am reviewing Jason Rosenhouse’s new book, The Failures of Mathematical Anti-Evolutionism (Cambridge University Press), serially. For the full series so far, go here. The Darwinian community has been strikingly unsuccessful in showing how complex biological adaptations evolved, or even how they might have evolved, in terms of … Read more

Biologists work to save ancient fish under assault

PAGE, Ariz. – Barrett Friesen steers a motorboat toward the shore of Lake Powell, with the Glen Canyon Dam towering overhead. Pale “bathtub rings” line the canyon’s rocky face, starkly illustrating how water levels have slumped in the second-largest US reservoir amid rising demand and a multi-year drought. The Utah State University graduate student and … Read more

Biologists push back against N.L.’s cormorant cull

Newfoundland and Labrador has introduced a permit system to collect the double-crested cormorant population but bird biologists dispute the plan. (Rhona Wise / AFP via Getty Images – image credit) Rhona Wise / AFP via Getty Images Newfoundland and Labrador’s cormorant cull is now open, but some seabird biologists say there are flaws in the … Read more

A wildlife biologist’s new birding guide brings everyone into the flock

Don’t know a blue jay from a chickadee, let alone how to spot a hooded warbler? That’s okay. A new birding book is for beginners and experts, alike. The title is “This is a Book for People Who Love Birds”But author Danielle BellenyM.Sc., a wildlife biologist in Texas, said she wanted to give everybody a … Read more

Biologists recommend bio park for industrial hub of Thoothukudi- The New Indian Express

Express News Service THOOTHUKUDI: A study by a group of biologists has found a rich biodiversity of 276 flora and 115 fauna species around an industrial site located in the SIPCOT complex on Thoothukudi-Madurai National Highways in Thoothukudi. The study sponsored by Vedanta has recommended to promote agroforestry species, livelihood activity centers, replacement of prosopis … Read more