Around the world in 80 canvasses: Artist Liz Roth’s Mainsite show features vivid landscapes | News

We all see our part of the globe differently. Nashville’s skyline is not the same as the one we can gaze at from Ten Mile Flats. The Grand Canyon’s majesty may be rivaled by other views on the opposite side of the world. From Oregon to Florida, each state in the USA has landscape views … Read more

The Biology of Bonsai Trees: The Science Behind the Traditional Japanese Art Form

The art of bonsai originated in China. As subsequently refined in Japan, its techniques produce miniature trees that give aesthetic pleasure to people all around Asia and the wider world beyond. This appreciation is reflected in the couple-on-the-street interview footage incorporated into “The Biology Behind Bonsai Trees,” the video above from Youtuber Jonny Lim, better … Read more

The Horror Of Olaf’s Biology Imagined In Terrifying Disney Art

An artist uses Frozen’s loveable snowman Olaf for inspiration, turning him into a scary, biology-themed work in inventive Disney fan art. An artist turns Frozen‘s Olaf into scary, biology-themed Disney fan art. Popular with both kids and adults, Olaf is a standout of the Frozen franchise. Audiences fell in love with him during the first … Read more

Hermantown grad pursues art and science – Duluth News Tribune

HERMANTOWN – Olivia Wolcott wants to keep painting, even if it’s on the side. The 18-year-old Hermantown High School senior is set to graduate with a 4.0 grade-point average on Sunday, then head to the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities to study medical laboratory science and, the plan goes, land a job in a … Read more

Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize winners announced!

The winners of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, Australia’s premier biennial natural science art prize, have been announced ahead of the finalists’ exhibition at the South Australian Museum, which opens tomorrow, Saturday 4 June. South Australian artists Kyoko Hashimoto and Guy Keulemans have taken home the Open Category Prize for their work Bioregional Rings … Read more

Saudi Arabia finds 80-million-year-old fossil, pre-historic rock art in Red Sea area

Paleontologists have uncovered fossils dating back 80 million years across the Red Sea project area in Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) said in a statement. Findings from a 10-day dig, carried out by the TRSDC and the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS), have revealed fossilized remains of sea-cows, crocodiles and turtles, as well … Read more

Ancient Humans Used This One Cave in Spain For a Mind-Blowing 50,000 Years

If archeology has shown us anything, it’s the sobering impermanence of our lives. Human settlements come and go. We may remain in specific regions, but the cladding on that region changes, the past often buried in ruins hidden beneath our feet. But one place seems to have been so special that humans used it, if … Read more

Famous rock art cave in Spain was used by ancient humans for over 50,000 years – BIOENGINEER.ORG

A cave in southern Spain was used by ancient humans as a canvas for artwork and as a burial place for over 50,000 years, according to a study published June 1, 2022 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by José Ramos-Muñoz of the University of Cadiz, Spain, and colleagues. Credit: Ramos-Muñoz et al., CC-BY 4.0 … Read more

‘Planet Shark: Predator or Prey’ headed to the Science Museum of Virginia for the summer | Arts & Theatre

The Science Museum of Virginia is bringing the predators of the sea to Richmond this summer with the opening Saturday of a traveling exhibit, “Planet Shark: Predator or Prey.” “What you’ll see as you walk around is a mix of actual artifacts, replica artifacts and then interactive stations,” said Jennifer Guild, a spokesperson for the … Read more